with Higher Education Facilities

Before establishing our in-house R&D center, we took up close collaboration with the higher education facilities in Lublin: the Lublin University of Medicine; Maria Skłodowska University; Lublin University of Technology, in the form of framework partnership agreements. We remain in contact with expert researchers to constantly improve our know-how and expand the possibilities of innovation


  • polymers capable of specific and selective capture of medical substance molecules (imprinted sorbents).
  • polymers for immobilizing and control release of medical substance molecules.


  • Use of hydrodynamic cavitation to obtain extracts from substances of plant-origin.
  • Use of mesoporous sorbents for imprinting medical substance molecules


  • Formulation development of a probiotic preparation with added lemon balm extract demonstrating multidimensional pro-digestive action for prevention of intestinal colic and flatulence in infants.
  • Formulation development of a probiotic preparation with added plant extracts demonstrating multidimensional microflora modulating action together with antiseptic and anti-inflammatory action improving prevention and treatment of oral cavity infections.


with the Polish Academy
of Sciences

Our partnership with the Polish Academy of Sciences Institute of Bioorganic Chemistry (PAS IBC) in 2017. As part of the project to establish the research and development center for Medicofarma, the PAS IBC carried out the examination of epigenetic modifications (DNA modification) caused by small-molecule active substances in dietary supplements. Consequently, in order to implement the R&D results and launch the manufacturing of innovative dermocosmetics, Medicofarma purchased the license for the anti-aging active substance molecule 4-N-Furfurylcytosine patented by the PAS Institute of Bioorganic Chemistry. Another result of our fruitful collaboration with the PAS Institute of Bioorganic Chemistry was the introduction of the first Polish genetic SARS-CoV-2 test to the market. Scientists from the PAS IBC in Poznań developed 3 generations of the MediPAN COVID Detection Kit. The most recent generation of the MediPAN-2G+ FAST COVID allows to detect coronavirus genes in the course of a single reaction in only 1 hour. Medicofarma S.A took up comprehensive implementation leading to the manufacturing of the test kits. Intensive research works of scientists together with the production capabilities of the Medicofarma S.A. facilities allowed to introduce into the market one of the fastest tests of this type, with exceptionally high sensitivity of the virus detection reaction. The last test developed in Poznan is the MediPAN FAST COVID + FLU – dedicated for detecting SARS-CoV-2 and Influenza type A and B viruses.